Morning pages

A daily live jam for your delectation. Inspired by Seth Godin’s excellent The Practice, Julia Cameron’s classic, The Artist’s Way, and Stevie J. Posted some of these to Instagram, all to Soundcloud.


Started a new collaborative project with the awesome Janine A’Bear – Hexspeak! Our first demo video. More soon on our new site:


A daily gem of vintage cinema, with a brand new collaborative soundtrack created fresh every day for a month. Follow on: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter.

Psychedaily musicians Theau, TPJ, Badrico, Fancyspectacles, Aryayawe, The Saxophone Warrior, Bill T | Jams powered by | Film credit Kenneth Anger “Lucifer Rising”.

Nihon Forever

Japanese themed wild image

A psychedelic tour of Japan.

I moved to a town near Tokyo in 2016. Amazed by the alien environment and soundscape, I was inspired to make field-recordings, instruments, and music in response. The result is NIHON FOREVER – an electronic tribute to the intense synthetic and organic sounds of Japanese life – vehicles, people, robots, and insects.