Double Bill

Some highlights from Antenna Radio gig on 30th Dec 2022. Billy Pleasant and Bill Tribble sampling from random radio stations on the fly, and smashing up a few video clips. Shout out to Sculpture, Leslie, and everyone who joined us at Apiary Studios!

Gnarl Explorer, live on Antenna radio Nov ’22

Fresh electronic music, percussive jams, and ancient sounds from across Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Uganda, and the UK. A random guest, Devo, Robert Rental, and improv cuts from me too. Recorded live on Antenna radio at Apiary Studios, Hackney.

In other news – looks like I hit the bigtime with this mix!

Le Garage Hermétique

French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius has been a huge influence on me for as long as I can remember. Copies of Metal Hurlant that I came across as a kid visiting France blew my mind, and I bought and consumed everything I could find by him as soon as I learnt the name. His masterwork Le Garage Hermétique remains my favorite of his comics. It’s tremendously inventive – an improvised tour-de-force written over a few years, constantly transforming and exploring every genre Moebius ever worked in.

For the past few years I’ve been working on an album of music that is a tribute to the artist and this incredible comic. This is my attempt at a visual tribute, and a cover for the album!

Hi-res wallpaper download:


RJBB live on Antenna Radio

Had a real blast playing this free show in the middle of Hackney and broadcast live on Antenna / https://repeater-radio.com

Who knows …

More live improvised music. A clarinet, vocals and some moods.

Climate change blues #1

What use is all this awesome tech going to be if we burn all the dinosaur corpses and turn our world into a desert? And other cheery thoughts for a Monday.

Got all dystopian about this Syd Mead inspired animation, then realised my main camera had switched off. Ah well, you can still see my hands moving around! . .

Turner AI Painting

My ex-colleague Franklin was the inspiration for this – he asked me to make an image from a poem – “From the shore of my tears – a sea of stars”. No idea where it came from so shout out to Franklin for the inspiration. I added Turner and John Harris as the artists! Definitely got a Turner vibe in there – not sure how the chair legs crept in though.

Live video experiments

It’s been fun lately to try recording some live solo jam sessions.

Always a bit nervous to make a post like this: Raw audio, no FX, no filters. It’s been nice to get out of town and find a bit of peace and quiet. Got some canine accompaniment that made me chuckle. “Just intonation” tunings in Bitwig make me want to trance out like La Monte Young.

Fun fact: If you shoot a video with your phone balanced on the table, your hands look huge! Live soundtracking this riff on the work of Henri Rousseau vs. John Harris’ sci-fi stylings.