November gigs

Excited to announce a few dance dates coming up soon.

Playing at Ecstatic Dance UK on Wednesday 29th November. It’s my favorite dance in the world, and I’m so happy to be playing here again – such a wonderful community and so many dear friends. Also so many passionate and incredible open-minded dancers – I’ve had incredible responses here to everything from Philip Glass to LA bass music.

Also playing at Emoshpit again on 11th November! It’s a really special unique event, highly recommended.

When was the last time you let go? I mean, REALLY let go? Drawing influence from OSHO’s dynamic meditation, EMOSHPIT is an unapologetic emotional release…

THE PURPOSE OF EMOSHPIT IS CONNECTION WITH OUR EMOTIONS AND EACH OTHER via sharing circles then, as a team, letting loose and going wild on the dance floor and releasing whatever’s come up to dubstep, DnB-type sounds sprinkled with banging rock tunes!