Le Garage Hermétique

French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius has been a huge influence on me for as long as I can remember. Copies of Metal Hurlant that I came across as a kid visiting France blew my mind, and I bought and consumed everything I could find by him as soon as I learnt the name. His masterwork Le Garage Hermétique remains my favorite of his comics. It’s tremendously inventive – an improvised tour-de-force written over a few years, constantly transforming and exploring every genre Moebius ever worked in.

For the past few years I’ve been working on an album of music that is a tribute to the artist and this incredible comic. This is my attempt at a visual tribute, and a cover for the album!

Hi-res wallpaper download:


RJBB live on Antenna Radio

Had a real blast playing this free show in the middle of Hackney and broadcast live on Antenna / https://repeater-radio.com

Who knows …

More live improvised music. A clarinet, vocals and some moods.

Climate change blues #1

What use is all this awesome tech going to be if we burn all the dinosaur corpses and turn our world into a desert? And other cheery thoughts for a Monday.

Got all dystopian about this Syd Mead inspired animation, then realised my main camera had switched off. Ah well, you can still see my hands moving around! . .

Turner AI Painting

My ex-colleague Franklin was the inspiration for this – he asked me to make an image from a poem – “From the shore of my tears – a sea of stars”. No idea where it came from so shout out to Franklin for the inspiration. I added Turner and John Harris as the artists! Definitely got a Turner vibe in there – not sure how the chair legs crept in though.

Live video experiments

It’s been fun lately to try recording some live solo jam sessions.

Always a bit nervous to make a post like this: Raw audio, no FX, no filters. It’s been nice to get out of town and find a bit of peace and quiet. Got some canine accompaniment that made me chuckle. “Just intonation” tunings in Bitwig make me want to trance out like La Monte Young.

Fun fact: If you shoot a video with your phone balanced on the table, your hands look huge! Live soundtracking this riff on the work of Henri Rousseau vs. John Harris’ sci-fi stylings.