November gigs

Excited to announce a few dance dates coming up soon.

Playing at Ecstatic Dance UK on Wednesday 29th November. It’s my favorite dance in the world, and I’m so happy to be playing here again – such a wonderful community and so many dear friends. Also so many passionate and incredible open-minded dancers – I’ve had incredible responses here to everything from Philip Glass to LA bass music.

Also playing at Emoshpit again on 11th November! It’s a really special unique event, highly recommended.

When was the last time you let go? I mean, REALLY let go? Drawing influence from OSHO’s dynamic meditation, EMOSHPIT is an unapologetic emotional release…

THE PURPOSE OF EMOSHPIT IS CONNECTION WITH OUR EMOTIONS AND EACH OTHER via sharing circles then, as a team, letting loose and going wild on the dance floor and releasing whatever’s come up to dubstep, DnB-type sounds sprinkled with banging rock tunes!

DJ MIX: Ecstatic Dance UK July ’23

TLDR; A journey across genres – Afrohouse, breaks, dubstep, electronica, African desert blues, sufi devotional music (qawwali), amapiano, and classical. I’ve played at so many parties over the years, and honestly this was the best I ever played at! Such an engaged audience ,who stayed with the music and moved through all of it. My heart goes out to everyone who came and the team that made it all possible. Thank you all! I look forward to many more dances together, and I’m so excited that this is just the beginning.

DJ mix: Primal Party

Bass music: Afro house, amapiano, trap and breaks. This was a wild night! Felt like a rollercoaster ride of a set, careering between tempos and genres, trying things out and switching them up, always bass heavy and often gnarly. Thanks so much to our amazing dancing crew who kept the energy high and stayed with me – from belly dancing at the start to Philip Glass at the end!

DJ Mix: Ecstatic Playground London

What an absolutely epic evening! So honoured to have been joined by so many amazing dancers at Ecstatic Playground. Friends old and new – just going for it and getting deep into the music. Thanks so much to Iona for organising and facilitating, and Khavita for the beautiful sound healing and songs, Katariina for the shrine, Richard Batts for the support, Claudia, Anthony, Denise, and everyone for joining! Gutted we didn’t manage to record Khavita’s set at the end – I dubbed Ami Dang on in her place 🙏

Le Garage Hermétique

In 2016, inspired by the music of a local temple in Tokyo, I became obsessed by microtunings. As I explored the world of exotic scales, the alien sounds reminded me of the work of my favorite graphic artist, Moebius (real name Jean Giraud), and his masterwork The Airtight Garage. A tribute album was born.

Moebius was strongly influenced by 20th Century New Age and psychedelic philosophy, including the teachings of Jean-Paul Appel-Guéry. In this video I riffed on Moebius’ use of crystals, flowers, (see e.g. Gardens of Aedena) and and transcendental imagery.

Grab a copy on Bandcamp, or stream the full album on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen.

DJ Mix: Ecstatic Dance Tokyo April ’23

Wow – what an incredible time – thanks again to Emi for organising the event. Amazing dancers and fantastic live drums from my new friend Toru Naito. It’s a slow burn mix – I lost all track of time in the whirl of dancers and the low speed, driving sounds of Odesza, Bonobo, Temple Step, and Populous. Classic “Firedance” by Kaya Project was a highlight – a real wall of sound with a huge bassline, really blew the room up. Had a fantastic dance to “Warda” by Asena too – surreal bellydance with swooping tempo swings throughout. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as we did. Do drop us a comment if you do! ❤️

Ecstatic Dance Tokyo

Thrilled to announce I’ll be DJing my first ecstatic set at a dance next Wednesday 12th in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It’s a simple format – a safe space to move any how you want – free of talking, shoes, drugs, and hassle! We start with a guided meditation, then let the music do the talking – invent your own moves, forget choreography, and see where the dance takes you. Tokyo friends – hope to see you there!

Post follows –

If you haven’t purchased the ticket yet, please do before the 11th 😃
This time we have Bill Tribble, who recently joined our community and is an ED dancer/DJ, playing live set so we all know it’s gonna be poppin’ for sure🙌🎊
Always nice to have DJ’s play a live set as I always play premixed ones 🙂
Get the tickets here👇


今回は最近新しくコミュニティーにジョインしてくれた Bill Tribble さんがライブでDJしてくれます💃✨🙌

and let’s get FUNKY!!!